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Functional Prototypes from Nuhill help design

engineers streamline the product development process.


MINNEAPOLIS – February 20, 2013 – Nuhill Technologies is laying claim to the term “Functional Prototypes” to describe its approach to plastic prototype development and to distinguish its prototypes from those provided by overnight 3D printers. Because these Functional Prototypes look like, function like and are made like production plastic parts, they allow design engineers to gain a much clearer picture of how their designs will function in the real world and how easily they can be manufactured. This, in turn, can streamline the product development process.


“Nuhill’s approach to prototype production is fundamentally different from that of overnight 3D printers,” notes Keith Nybakke, president and founder of Nuhill Technologies. “We typically don’t send you an SLA. Instead, we print out the SLA to make a pattern for a mold. Then we inject the mold with casting resin to make your part. Because this process mimics the injection molding process that manufacturers use, you get prototypes that look like, perform like, and are made like production plastic parts.”


Functional Prototypes from Nuhill can be produced in any color available in production and in finishes from very smooth to pebble grain. Material properties can range from soft and gummy to hard and rigid (Shore A15 to Shore D90) and from high flex to brittle. Flame retardancy can be added, with materials rated UL94 V-O.


Prototype tooling techniques and methodologies employed by Nuhill include core and cavity molds with excellent indexing; side pulls and pick-outs; molded-in metal inserts; and over-molding. Collapsible core pin development is also available.


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For over twenty years, Nuhill Technologies has worked with design engineers and inventors to successfully launch their products. Their expertise is in molded plastics components. Their services include product design, prototype development and assisting clients with the transition to production. For more information about Nuhill Technologies, call 612-729-1828 or visit

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