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Fajita platter design from Nuhill sizzles food without burning hands or tables.


Any respectable fajita platter presentation is commemorated by sizzling sounds, delicious aromas, and the appearance of a rising cloud of steam. Unfortunately, that amount of heat can be dangerous to restaurant patrons and damaging to tables. The traditional solution is to use a plywood under-liner for the cast iron skillet. Unfortunately, plywood does very little to hold heat in the cast iron, and it doesn’t adequately protect tabletops from excessive temperature.


Adding to the “fajita problem” is the fact that plywood under-liners scorch when in contact with heated cast iron and will break down and delaminate when repeatedly soaked in hot water and dishwashing reagents. This accelerated rate of degradation drives replacement requirements and elevates costs. According to reports, restaurants are getting about a month of high-volume service from plywood under-liners.


Nuhill’s solution? The Service Ideas ‘Hot Solutions' Food Service Tray, invented by Keith Nybakke. To solve the problem, Keith developed a specialized molding process to allow food-contact-safe, melamine-free BMC 1000 and thermally insulative, BMC 845 to be molded together into a single, food-service solution.


BMC 845 provides exceptionally low thermal conductivity. Its unique insulative properties are derived from its low molded density, which is less than half that of water. Its heat capacity is also very low. As a result, a molded block of BMC 845 material heated to 250°F in an oven can be picked up bare handed without causing a burn.


The molded part design constrains the hot cast iron without creeping or scorching, effectively protecting both the server and the patron from contact with the skillet. The low density of the BMC 845 resists the transfer of heat to the tabletop and protect servers’ fingers while in contact with the multi-material, skillet holder.


This BMC “sandwich” can be repeatedly exposed to the high-temperatures, steam and reagents associated with commercial dishwashers without degrading its engineered properties. BMC maintains its high-gloss aesthetic while providing a less expensive “product life option” to the traditional plywood under-liner it replaced. This unique technology offers the food service industry a safe, durable answer to “the fajita problem.”


This BMC 1000/BMC 845 over-molding technique earned the “Innovation in Thermoset Processing” Durability Award during the Society of Plastics Engineers' (SPE) Annual Thermoset Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin. To learn more about the award, click on this link and scroll down to the Judges' Best Award.


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