Functional Prototypes from Nuhill Technologies

They look like

production parts

They perform like

production parts

And they are made like

production parts


  • Molded-in, not painted on
  • Consistent in value across the piece— no streaks or swirls
  • Can match nearly any color


  • From very smooth to pebble grain
  • Molded-in, not added on


  • Excellent core and cavity indexing
  • for crisp parting lines
  • Our methods eliminate bubbles
  • or flaws that require patching, sanding and painting

Nuhill uses a casting process to make its rapid prototypes. The result is more control over the color, finish and quality of the resulting part.


For you, it means the parts you receive look nearly identical to production items. You can use them to gauge the quality of your design. Display them at shows or pass them around at reviews. Feature them in

photo sessions. Use them as parts in a preproduction

run or to help you define your packaging.

Rigid or Flexible

  • From soft and gummy to hard
    and rigid
  • Shore A 15 to Shore D 90
  • High flex to very rigid


Heat Deflection

  • Deflection temperatures above 200°F
  • Additional heat curing for extended heat deflection values


Flame Retardancy

  • Especially important for electronics and aviation
  • Materials rated UL94 V-O


Food and Medical Grades

  • FDA listed materials for food contact
  • Biocompatible materials

Unlike overnight 3D printing, injection cast prototypes can be made to actually perform like production parts. You can use them not just to look at but to test out the validity of your design.


We can even injection cast the same mold with different materials, having a wide variety of characteristics, so you can try out a range

of possibilities.

Injection Casting Process

  • Modified production process to
    test the validity of your design
  • Precise SLAs are the master pattern
  • The prototypes we send you are injection cast from a variety of materials, selected to suit your needs


Prototype Tooling Techniques

and Methodologies

  • Core and cavity molds with excellent indexing
  • Side pulls and manual pick-outs
  • Molded-in metal inserts
  • Over-molding techniques are our specialty, with colors and flexible over-molds for challenging parts
  • Ask us about destructible core pin development

Nuhill's injection-casting processes are designed to mimic those of high-pressure, injection molding machines that use expensive metal molds. We use silicone rubber molds but we build them like production steel molds – with top and bottom halves, excellent indexing, drafts,

side pulls, and core pins.


The result? When you receive a rapid prototype from Nuhill, you'll have a much better idea of how it can be made on a production machine.

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