Nuhill Technologies

provides services for

product design and

development, primarily

in the areas of

prototype fabrication

and computer-aided

design. Our clients

include sole inventors

and Fortune 100


About Nuhill Technologies


Nuhill Technologies was founded by Keith Nybakke in 1992 as a 3D CAD design resource for inventors and manufacturers. Keith’s expertise in advanced solid modeling of molded plastic parts was key to the company’s early success. The company’s offerings quickly expanded to include assisting clients with the transition of design to production –including evaluations of manufacturability and which injection molding companies are a best fit for Nuhill’s clients.


Nuhill’s offerings expanded to include prototype development when Mark Murphy joined the company in 1997. Mark’s career-long expertise in industrial model making was key to the development of the company’s unique approach to prototype production. Mark had been involved in the development of molded plastic components since the early 80s, including the prototypes of both the first Macintosh and the first IBM personal computer cases.


The Nuhill difference


Nuhill’s approach to prototype production is fundamentally different from that of overnight 3D printers: We typically don’t send you an SLA. Instead, we print out the SLA to make a pattern for a mold. Then we inject the mold with casting resin to make your part.


Why is this important? Because it mimics the process that injection molding manufacturers use to make your parts. You get prototypes that look like, perform like, and are made like production plastic parts.


These functional prototypes allow you to gain a much clearer picture of how your designs will function in the real world and how easily they can be manufactured. You will know that the design works in production because we have already tried it out to make your prototypes. And if we see problems when making your prototypes, we can suggest ways to solve them – because we have over twenty years of experience working with plastics manufacturers.


The benefits to you


When you work with Nuhill Technologies, you are going to get a lot smarter about what you can do with prototyping – how you can make prototyping work for you to streamline the production process. To deliver a really good product that's ready for manufacturing.


After all, your job is not to make a really pretty picture on your computer screen. It is to get that part or component into manufacturing and into your customer's hands trouble free. We can help you do that.

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